Why Choose Us?

Where you live is a reflection of yourself and your family; it is an expression of your taste.

Where you live is a reflection of yourself and your family; it is an expression of your taste. When shopping for a home it becomes readily apparent that individuals have unique preferences in the surroundings that please them. Your choice of colors, flooring, kitchen cabinetry, countertops, bathroom fixtures and tiles are unlikely to be found in previously owned homes or those that were finished by builders for the resale market. You may have always visualized a home with Brazilian Cherry, Natural Hickory, Yellow Pine, White Birch or Red Oak flooring – you have your choice of these or dozens more or, if you prefer, tile instead of hardwood or carpet in the bedrooms. Can you see yourself in a kitchen with Espresso, Smokey Grey, Ocean Blue or Pearl White Cabinets? Again, you can have your choice of these and many more. At Premium Shore Homes we give you these choices and at no additional charge!

We understand and believe that when purchasing a home, the selection of what your see each day should be up to you – you should wake to colors that please you, enter a bathroom with fixtures designed for your needs, step to a kitchen with flooring, counters, cabinets and appliances that you chose – each day should begin with you being in control – your home should be a expression of yourself – it is who you are.

When shopping for a home, the choices are typically a previously owned resale, a new home built by a speculative builder or the selection of a lot and a builder to construct a new home. The selection of previously owned homes, while extensive, is quickly limited by age, condition and colors – depreciation is most often seen in the mechanical systems, roof, cabinetry and floors. Only a few years ago flood elevations were not thought of but today can add many thousands of dollars each year to the cost of ownership. Speculative builders produce homes with a wide appeal – but without character – white walls, bland floors and tract kitchens may have the least objections, but no applause. Ground up custom homes provide every possible choice – if a waterfront lot could be found, a home would cost at least 25% more and take a minimum of six months longer in delivery time than your new Premium Shore Home.

  • Our homes are Custom Homes – Each with a unique waterfront location

  • Designed by Local Architects

  • Built On-Site from the Ground Up by Local Craftsmen

  • Customized to Express Your Dreams – Your Colors, Your Floors, Your Cabinets, Your Fixtures –

  • A limited number of homes will be available for 2020 – choose yours today!

Ready to choose your decor?

Don’t settle, choose, you can have the home of YOUR DREAMS – express yourself with your choice in flooring, colors, kitchen and baths.